The Biological Process Development Facility,
originally called the UNL Fermentation Facility, was founded in 1990 by the UNL Food Processing Center and the UNL Center> for Biotechnology to serve the fermentation needs of UNL.

Over the last 21 year the BPDF has grown from a 1 person operation focused on fermentation research into a facility capable of bringing a biotherapeutic from research to clinical reality. The BPDF now include a full-time staff of 29 scientists, engineers, and administration personnel.

Initial capabilities included a 5 L fermentor, 4 by 1 L fermentors and a pilot plant with a 60 L fermentor, high pressure homogenizer for cell disruption, and cross flow membrane filtration system for cell harvesting.

A scientist pours media into a column at Filley Hall on the East Campus